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The Subpoena newsletter is the official monthly publication of the San Antonio Bar Association. Read by over 3,200 attorneys, each issue features articles written by and about the San Antonio/Bexar County legal community.

Press releases, calendar announcements, "Briefly" announcements* and inquiries about the Subpoena should be sent to the attention of:
Kimberly Palmer 
Director of Publications
t: 210.227.8822 x20
f: 210.271.9614
 * Please note that "Briefly" announcements are limited to current SABA members only, and must be fewer than 100 words.
Volume/Issue Deadline
Vol. LXXXVIV, No. 6 - Jan. ‘14 12/10/13
Vol. LXXXVIV, No. 7 - Feb. ‘14 1/10/14
Vol. LXXXVIV, No. 8 - Mar. ‘14 2/10/14
Vol. LXXXVIV, No. 9 - Apr. ‘14 3/10/14
Vol. LXXXVIV, No. 10 - May. ‘14 4/10/14
Vol. LXXXVIV, No. 11 - June ‘14 5/12/14
Vol. LXXXVIV, No. 12 - July ‘14 6/10/14
Vol. LXXXVV, No. 1 - Aug. ‘14 7/10/14
Vol. LXXXVV, No. 2 - Sept. ‘14 8/11/14
Vol. LXXXVV, No. 3 - Oct. ‘14 9/10/14
Vol. LXXXVV, No. 4 - Nov. ‘14 10/10/14
Vol. LXXXVV, No. 5 - Dec. ‘14 11/10/14
For more information on how to advertise in the Subpoena please email
call 512.293.9277.

The Subpoena newsletter is published by the San Antonio Bar Association. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the publisher.

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Advertising in the Subpoena?
For advertising in the Subpoena, contact

Chellie Thompson
Monarch Media
t: 512.293.9277

Got something to say?
Please direct Letters to the Editor to:
Kim Palmer
The Subpoena Newsletter
100 Dolorosa, Suite 500 
San Antonio, TX 78205
f: 210.271.9614

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The changing face of the Subpoena through the years:

Did you know that the Subpoena has been around since the 1930s, and prior to that, was a small brochure-sized publication called the Whereas?


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